Seneca County, Ohio- Tiffin (2017-)

I took an online rhetoric class at a community college last year that involved writing a persuasive paper. I focused on the value that historic courthouses provide their communities and how they tend to serve as commercial anchors to their downtowns. Any courthouse does that, but old ones demonstrated that courthouses with history contributed far […]

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Johnson County- Franklin (1881-)

Hoosier fourth-graders study Indiana history. While most of it’s concentrated around the state’s founding, my recollections from 2002 culminated in my textbook’s quick mention of some of the notable people our state has produced. Cole Porter was one, born in Peru. The artist Robert Indiana was another; a New Castle resident born Robert Clark in […]

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Henry County- New Castle (1869-)

A version of this post originally appeared here on March 12, 2018. Quick- jot this down! “It must be free from dampness, which would destroy the precious records of the county, on which so much of the ‘peace and quiet’ of our community depends. It must, of course, be fire proof and sufficiently commodious for […]

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Knox County- Vincennes (1876-)

Vincennes is old- it’s 1732-French-fur-traders old1! Only four years later, its founder, Francoius Marie Bissot, Sier de Vincennes, was captured during in the French war against the Chickasaw nation and burned at the stake near Fulton, Mississippi. His trading post on the Wabash was renamed to honor him2. In 1763, Vincennes -as part of New France- […]

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Parke County- Rockville (1884-)

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing the phrase “these trying times,” or any of its simple derivatives. Aren’t you? I don’t know what secret cabal decided that the insipid saying was the only approved sentence for every person in the media to lead a story with, but it’s really getting old!

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Vigo County- Terre Haute (1884-)

I’ve learned a lot about Indiana’s historic courthouses after driving around and haphazardly taking pictures of all of them. One of the most interesting little tidbits I’ve picked up is that it seems as though building a 165-foot-tall clock tower was just about the pinnacle of architectural engineering during the late 1800s, at least around […]

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