Jennings County- Vernon (1857-)

I’ve been to some small places on this project, including those that don’t even exist on a map. Towns like Rome, Wilmington, and Fredonia -all thriving county seats two hundred years ago- have long since been bypassed, eclipsed, and forgotten. That’s unfortunate, but a project to document all of Indiana’s historic county courthouses must mean all […]

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Ripley County- Versailles (1863-)

Hoosiers like to celebrate our accomplishments. When we complete civic projects, the festivities often include things like a ribbon-cutting, speeches from dignitaries or stakeholders, balloons, music, and even fireworks. Pretty low on the list of typical events are 2,000-person confederate raids that pillage our hometown. But that’s what the nearly-finished Ripley County Courthouse in Versailles […]

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Steuben County- Angola (1869-)

As many times as I’ve been to Angola over the years, I’ve never actually ventured within the city limits. Let me explain: Sure, I’d been to Pokagon State Park for the toboggan slide there, but that’s way northwest of the town up on Lake James. Same goes for the now-defunct Fun Spot amusement park, where some […]

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Kosciusko County- Warsaw (1884-)

So long, 2019! And so long to the 2010s as a whole. As this chronological and calendric milestone draws nearer, retrospectives for the past decade have began to flood the websites I read and the radio stations I listen to- they’re everywhere! Despite the last ten years being formative for me as the first decade […]

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Marshall County- Plymouth (1872-)

Some of our courthouse squares are thriving, some are moribund, and others are in stasis. Some feature a courthouse that dominates the center of downtown, some are threatened by the removal of the courts to greener pastures almost outside city boundaries, and some just flat-out don’t exist anymore at all. Despite the differences, studies have […]

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Clinton County- Frankfort (1882-)

It’s easy to lament our state’s historic courthouses that have been lost to natural disasters, deferred maintenance, and the increasing needs of growing communities. Through old postcards, I’ve seen just about all of Indiana’s 20th century courthouse casualties, and though I haven’t gotten close to teary over their destruction, I’ve certainly decried it in some […]

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