Jefferson County- Madison (1855)

“Like a gentleman dressed for a dinner party, the county courthouse stands above the din of life at its feet. A county seat is not only a land of deeds and wills and court cases. It is also a land of pizza, beer and gasoline1” said John Dilts, lawyer and author of The Magnificent 92 Indiana […]

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Putnam County- Greencastle (1905-)

I never thought that researching our state’s historic courthouses would give me reason to crack open a book about cruise missiles, but that all changed today. Why? The Putnam County Courthouse in Greencastle has a buzz bomb, a legitimate German V-1 (Vengeance Weapon 1) flying missile, on its courthouse square as part of its county […]

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Perry County- Cannelton (1897-1994)

We’re back in Perry County this week, but fifteen miles west of Rome in Cannelton. Interesting name, Cannelton, but it was called that after the American Cannel Coal Company who operated a railroad in the area. Cannelton was a relative latecomer to the Perry County scene, as it was platted in 1841 and actually established […]

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Perry County- Rome (1818-1859)

Historians have examined the cities of Rome and Troy for years, trying to ascertain whether one was founded by descendants of the other’s ancient heroes or whether the legendary story is, well, hokum. But rest assured- through my diligent research, I’ve finally cracked the case. Though the two cities were founded at different times by […]

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Scott County-Scottsburg (1873/1997-)

One of the first things I learned during this project is that I really hate the “new urbanist” style that defines the new central district of Carmel and other similar developments. For me, the trope is useless in today’s society- we’ve moved beyond the historic construct of a European city center, and the thought that […]

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