Orange County- Paoli (1850-)

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d taken a wrong turn at French Lick and wound up in the antebellum south the first time you arrive in Paoli. Just look at the courthouse there, standing proudly amidst an expansive green in the middle of the town’s Lancaster square, where cars go around the building like […]

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Steuben County- Angola (1869-)

As many times as I’ve been to Angola over the years, I’ve never actually ventured within the city limits. Let me explain: Sure, I’d been to Pokagon State Park for the toboggan slide there, but that’s way northwest of the town up on Lake James. Same goes for the now-defunct Fun Spot amusement park, where some […]

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Brown County- Nashville (1873-)

Nashville’s a hot tourist Mecca for many who want to experience a romantic getaway, unique crafts, and great music while letting go of their suburban inhibitions and seeing what the country life has to offer. That’s Nashville, Indiana, by the way- not the capital of the Volunteer State. Gotcha! 

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Perry County- Rome (1818-1859)

Historians have examined the cities of Rome and Troy for years, trying to ascertain whether one was founded by descendants of the other’s ancient heroes or whether the legendary story is, well, hokum. But rest assured- through my diligent research, I’ve finally cracked the case. Though the two cities were founded at different times by […]

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