Sullivan County- Sullivan (1926-)

As Sullivan County officials planned a new building to replace their antiquated 1852 courthouse, they hit the road and visited several in western Indiana for inspiration. Loaded with money from the coal mining industry that was burgeoning there1, they eventually wound up in Newport, the seat of Vermillion County. So struck were they by the […]

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Spencer County- Rockport (1921-)

Residents of Spencer County and its diminutive county seat were so proud of their 1921 courthouse that the Rockport Journal announced that it would “be a thing of beauty and a joy, if not forever, at least for a hundred years1.” While forty-two courthouses across the state have come and gone since then, the paper’s […]

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Harrison County- Corydon (1929-)

We’ve talked about Corydon recently in discussing the old state capitol and courthouse there, but it might be helpful to run over some of the town’s background again for the benefit of those who went to IHOP instead of class that day. Vincennes,  a hundred-and-twenty miles northwest of Corydon, was the first territorial capital of […]

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Hendricks County- Danville (1912-)

Though its 1824 founding predated the start of the TV show by a hundred and thirty-six years, Danville has a real affinity for the Andy Griffith Show. Well, mainly Mayberry, the site of Andy and Barney’s foibles on CBS. How do I know this? Well, there’s the Mayberry Cafe for starters, a local institution right […]

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Putnam County- Greencastle (1905-)

I never thought that researching our state’s historic courthouses would give me reason to crack open a book about cruise missiles, but that all changed today. Why? The Putnam County Courthouse in Greencastle has a buzz bomb, a legitimate German V-1 (Vengeance Weapon 1) flying missile, on its courthouse square as part of its county […]

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Lake County- Gary (1929-)

Big parts of Lake County aren’t very welcoming places right now, mainly in Gary. Though it’s made big strides to overcome its reputation over the past few years, the city has lots of work ahead yet. Its continued status as the nation’s third leader in annual murders per 10,000 residents doesn’t help its welcoming status […]

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Carroll County- Delphi (1917-)

Indiana courthouses have gone through several architectural phases. Once log and frame structures fell out of favor and brick became the norm in the teens and early 1820s, early courthouses were surpassed by simple Greek Revival structures like the courthouses found in Rising Sun, Paoli, and Nashville. With some exceptions, Second Empire became the stylistic […]

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