Sullivan County- Sullivan (1926-)

As Sullivan County officials planned a new building to replace their antiquated 1852 courthouse, they hit the road and visited several in western Indiana for inspiration. Loaded with money from the coal mining industry that was burgeoning there1, they eventually wound up in Newport, the seat of Vermillion County. So struck were they by the […]

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Vigo County- Terre Haute (1884-)

I’ve learned a lot about Indiana’s historic courthouses after driving around and haphazardly taking pictures of all of them. One of the most interesting little tidbits I’ve picked up is that it seems as though building a 165-foot-tall clock tower was just about the pinnacle of architectural engineering during the late 1800s, at least around […]

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Monroe County- Bloomington (1908-)

Welcome to 2020, courthouse fans! This year offers so much possibility that we’ve wrapped it up straight out of the oven to preserve its freshness for you, and it marks the third of our current format here. As the new decade starts, we’re getting near the end- there are only twenty-seven counties left to discuss […]

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Kosciusko County- Warsaw (1884-)

So long, 2019! And so long to the 2010s as a whole. As this chronological and calendric milestone draws nearer, retrospectives for the past decade have began to flood the websites I read and the radio stations I listen to- they’re everywhere! Despite the last ten years being formative for me as the first decade […]

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Warrick County- Boonville (1906-)

November brought some great anniversaries our way. First off, I turned twenty-nine and entered my third decade on this planet on the seventh. Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to Courthousery, too- we’re kicking off our third year talking about Indiana’s old courthouses. Finally, Thanksgiving Day will mark two years since I visited my ninety-second […]

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Dubois County- Jasper (1911-)

Today we’re going to talk about all kinds of things.  One of my favorite childhood memories was seeing the illuminated clock of the old Elkhart County Courthouse in Goshen wave howdy to my brother and me towards my dad’s house every other weekend when we’d visit him. Since most of my courthouse visits over the […]

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Tippecanoe County- Lafayette (1884-)

My dad never missed an opportunity to provide me one of his most pertinent pieces of parental advice: “Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.” It was a lesson always close at hand during the time we spent together, exhibited in such disparate circumstances as building an eight-foot tall trebuchet in his backyard, buying […]

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