Delaware County- Muncie (1992-2021)

The rate that many early Indiana counties blew through county seats and courthouses is astounding. Whether due to recurring illness, natural disasters, Machiavellian politics, or a combination of all of it, it’s not uncommon to find counties that built three or four different courthouses before a permanent county seat was established. On the other hand, […]

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Ripley County- Versailles (1863-)

Hoosiers like to celebrate our accomplishments. When we complete civic projects, the festivities often include things like a ribbon-cutting, speeches from dignitaries or stakeholders, balloons, music, and even fireworks. Pretty low on the list of typical events are 2,000-person confederate raids that pillage our hometown. But that’s what the nearly-finished Ripley County Courthouse in Versailles […]

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Perry County- Rome (1818-1859)

Historians have examined the cities of Rome and Troy for years, trying to ascertain whether one was founded by descendants of the other’s ancient heroes or whether the legendary story is, well, hokum. But rest assured- through my diligent research, I’ve finally cracked the case. Though the two cities were founded at different times by […]

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