Greene County- Bloomfield (1885/2006-)

My friends know I’m a big fan of Showbiz Pizza Place.  Remember them?  The company, a subsidiary of Topeka Inn Management (then the country’s largest Holiday Inn franchisee) was the precursor to, competitor with, and -ultimately- savior of the Chuck E. Cheese brand and featured their own menagerie of robotic animal musicians to provide each […]

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Grant County- Marion (1885-)

We see it time and time again in everyday life and through our state’s historic courthouses, but adaptability is a necessary skill for survival. I was reminded of this about a month ago when I saw an ‘On This Day’ notification from eight years ago pop up on my Facebook feed. A simple trip to […]

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Porter County- Valparaiso (1883/1937-)

As I’m happy to repeatedly assert without concession, we’re lucky to have so many historic courthouses in Indiana. But that’s not to say that keeping the venerable structures around has been easy! Courthouses across the state have been subject to wrecking balls, ugly renovations, tornadoes, and even bombings. It’s quite a portfolio of maladies that […]

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Benton County- Fowler (1874-)

An inept county government! Back-room, special-interest scheming! Second Empire masterpieces and  decapitated clock towers! Modern additions. We’ve talked about several of these topics over the past few weeks here, and they all dramatically combine to tell the story of the Benton County Courthouse.  This makes it, in my view, perhaps the most quintessential Indiana courthouse.

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