Vigo County- Terre Haute (1884-)

I’ve learned a lot about Indiana’s historic courthouses after driving around and haphazardly taking pictures of all of them. One of the most interesting little tidbits I’ve picked up is that it seems as though building a 165-foot-tall clock tower was just about the pinnacle of architectural engineering during the late 1800s, at least around […]

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Tippecanoe County- Lafayette (1884-)

My dad never missed an opportunity to provide me one of his most pertinent pieces of parental advice: “Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.” It was a lesson always close at hand during the time we spent together, exhibited in such disparate circumstances as building an eight-foot tall trebuchet in his backyard, buying […]

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Tipton County- Tipton (1894-)

I like to know the heights of buildings, particularly within the context of this courthouse project. Initially, I thought this would be more cut-and-dried than it turned out- I’d go to each county, take one definitive photo of one historic courthouse, and that’d be that. Of course, that’s not what happened. But being able to […]

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