Hiatus Update: Courthouses; and the Sirens I’ve Known, Loved, and Been Terrified Of

Last November I was in Illinois to take some courthouses photos. My first stop was in Danville, and I was struck by the twelve-story First National Bank Building downtown. Actually, it was the siren song coming from its apex that snagged my attention. See that yellow thing up top? It’s a Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1000T. […]

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Greene County, Ohio- Xenia (1902-)

People often ask me what draws me to county courthouses instead of some age-appropriate hobby like video games or riff-raff. First and foremost, it’s the architecture! I’m also smitten with these buildings because of the sense of identity they provide a community- I spent many hours in the backseat of a car being shuttled to […]

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Williams County, Ohio- Bryan (1891-)

I’ve learned a lot while venturing to new counties for this hobby. One thing I’ve realized is that communities often build courthouses in response to newfound economic status. Money -or the prospect of it- just burns a hole in their pockets! Gas boom? Great! Let’s commemorate our growth with a new, e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e temple of justice […]

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Delaware County- Muncie (2021-)

I already mentioned this, but we’re on our sixth courthouse in Delaware County, Indiana. We’ve run through three alone in the past thirty years! That’s incredible to me since it’s extremely rare for a county to change buildings that often. Okay, okay- I guess our oldest extant courthouse -constructed in 1969- is technically called the […]

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Delaware County- Muncie (1992-2021)

The rate that many early Indiana counties blew through county seats and courthouses is astounding. Whether due to recurring illness, natural disasters, Machiavellian politics, or a combination of all of it, it’s not uncommon to find counties that built three or four different courthouses before a permanent county seat was established. On the other hand, […]

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