Jennings County- Vernon (1857-)

I’ve been to some small places on this project, including those that don’t even exist on a map. Towns like Rome, Wilmington, and Fredonia -all thriving county seats two hundred years ago- have long since been bypassed, eclipsed, and forgotten. That’s unfortunate, but a project to document all of Indiana’s historic county courthouses must mean all […]

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Fountain County- Covington (1937-)

I’m a big fan of Art Deco architecture- you know, the style that originated in France before World War I that Wikipedia says celebrates “luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress.” If you’re from around Indianapolis, you may be familiar with the 17-story Circle Tower completed in 1930. That’s Art Deco for […]

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Knox County- Vincennes (1876-)

Vincennes is old- it’s 1732-French-fur-traders old1! Only four years later, its founder, Francoius Marie Bissot, Sier de Vincennes, was captured during in the French war against the Chickasaw nation and burned at the stake near Fulton, Mississippi. His trading post on the Wabash was renamed to honor him2. In 1763, Vincennes -as part of New France- […]

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