Lake County- East Chicago (1979-)

As far as courthouses go, the 1970s represented a decade of debauchery for officials in Lake County: They were just plain nutty about them! First came a new superior courthouse for Hammond in 1972 that replaced an elderly 1903 structure. 1974 saw the venerable courthouse in Crown Point overtaken by a sprawling administrative complex northwest […]

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Harrison County- Corydon (1929-)

We’ve talked about Corydon recently in discussing the old state capitol and courthouse there, but it might be helpful to run over some of the town’s background again for the benefit of those who went to IHOP instead of class that day. Vincennes,  a hundred-and-twenty miles northwest of Corydon, was the first territorial capital of […]

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Parke County- Rockville (1884-)

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing the phrase “these trying times,” or any of its simple derivatives. Aren’t you? I don’t know what secret cabal decided that the insipid saying was the only approved sentence for every person in the media to lead a story with, but it’s really getting old!

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Lake County- Hammond (1972-)

Most counties in Indiana are quite content with one courthouse. Not Lake County! The county closest to Chicago -Indiana’s second largest by size and population density- has a whopping four. Most county courts and offices are held within a sprawling complex northeast of Crown Point that replaced that town’s historic 1878 courthouse, which we’ve talked […]

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