Washington County- Salem (1888)

You may not be fully aware, but the 21st century is an exciting time for Indiana’s historic courthouses. More and more county seats across the state are rediscovering the value in restoring their landmark governmental buildings, and doing so in an architecturally-sympathetic manner is a growing trend across the country. However, for two years it […]

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Wabash County- Wabash (1879-)

I’ve been a fan of basketball since I was six. It’s fun following the NBA, especially when it gives us a chance to indulge ourselves in a good conspiracy theory or bit of baseless speculation. Other than the 1984 draft being rigged to get Patrick Ewing to the Knicks, whether or not Michael Jordan’s first […]

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Fulton County- Rochester (1896-)

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest! Until the good is the better and the better is the best!” That sing-song quotation, hilariously misattributed to St. Jerome who was born in the year 347 before contractions existed, has actually been around only since 1897. It appears to have been well-known at the time based on […]

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