Kosciusko County- Warsaw (1884-)

So long, 2019! And so long to the 2010s as a whole. As this chronological and calendric milestone draws nearer, retrospectives for the past decade have began to flood the websites I read and the radio stations I listen to- they’re everywhere! Despite the last ten years being formative for me as the first decade […]

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Wells County- Bluffton (1891-)

Wells County has a great courthouse in Bluffton, one that I’m more familiar with than most since I frequently drive past it on my way to Fort Wayne. I can’t believe I haven’t written about it yet! From 1957 to 1979, eight Indiana courthouses were torn down and replaced with modern structures- that means that […]

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Switzerland County- Vevay (1862-)

Let me do some quick calculations here: I’ve driven more than 10,000 miles to courthouses in four states, and I’ve spent more than 170 hours behind the wheel- that’s an average of nearly 58 miles per hour. I’ve made decent time! I’ve covered all of Indiana’s courthouses, most in central Michigan, all of western Ohio, […]

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Owen County- Spencer (1911-)

We’ve discussed the trickery, manipulation, and outright violence that the pioneer residents of many of Indiana’s early towns participated in to win their communities the title of county seat. We’ve also talked about how those first counties were divided up into smaller areas -and more counties- as the Indiana Territory progressed towards statehood. Often, changing […]

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