Warren County- Williamsport (1908-)

I’ve mentioned my family’s property near Cadillac, Michigan before; we own just under eighty acres of forest. The accommodations are primitive. We have two small cabins, no power, and no indoor plumbing. Originally, I’m sure that attendees to the property relieved themselves in the woods with a pinecone or leaf. After some period of putting […]

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Martin County- Shoals (2002-)

It’s been a while since we talked about a modern courthouse. We’ve almost run out of them! But after discussing two similar neoclassical courthouses over the past two weeks, it’s time for a change. Martin County, of which Shoals is the seat, has an interesting history. It’s also 173 miles south of Delphi down I-65. […]

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Carroll County- Delphi (1917-)

Indiana courthouses have gone through several architectural phases. Once log and frame structures fell out of favor and brick became the norm in the teens and early 1820s, early courthouses were surpassed by simple Greek Revival structures like the courthouses found in Rising Sun, Paoli, and Nashville. With some exceptions, Second Empire became the stylistic […]

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