Tipton County- Tipton (1894-)

I like to know the heights of buildings, particularly within the context of this courthouse project. Initially, I thought this would be more cut-and-dried than it turned out- I’d go to each county, take one definitive photo of one historic courthouse, and that’d be that. Of course, that’s not what happened. But being able to […]

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Grant County- Marion (1885-)

We see it time and time again in everyday life and through our state’s historic courthouses, but adaptability is a necessary skill for survival. I was reminded of this about a month ago when I saw an ‘On This Day’ notification from eight years ago pop up on my Facebook feed. A simple trip to […]

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Miami County- Peru (1911-)

My dad loved music, especially marches and ragtime, and he always wanted to play in a circus band. One day in the late 1980s, the stars lined up in his favor as a member of the Mizpah Shrine band, and he got to play at the Shrine Circus at the coliseum in Fort Wayne. As […]

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