Noble County- Albion (1887-)

I’ve admired the Noble County Courthouse in Albion since I was a kid. I remember driving past it with my dad and going inside for one thing or another. Even at a young age, I knew that this courthouse was unique- it didn’t really resemble any others in the state. Although I seem to recall […]

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Adams County- Decatur (1872-)

Imagine an era before you had a phone in your pocket or feverishly clutched in your hand. How would you tell time? Well, you’d probably use a watch. But what about before that? A sundial? That’s going a little too far back- put yourself in the shoes of an 1800s Hoosier, not an Egyptian.

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Wayne County- Richmond (1893-)

It’s weird to think of today, but Indiana’s only been a state for a little more than two hundred years. It was a frontier not so long ago, and although sometimes those frontier settlements turned into cities like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or Evansville, most of them didn’t. Some continue to thrive as small towns, and […]

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Madison County- Anderson (1972-)

The level of scorn commonly heaped onto Indiana’s modern courthouses sort of amazes me for a couple of reasons. The first is that 84 out 92 counties in Indiana still retain at least one historic courthouse- that’s 92 percent! Modern courthouses are rare around these parts, and that makes them a little more special to me. The […]

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Howard County- Kokomo (1937-)

So far in Indiana, we’ve lost 26 historic courthouses to fire1, seven to disrepair, and one to a damn tornado. Fortunately, the losses have died off in the last thirty years, and the trend’s actually reversed. Today, we’re left with three out of three remaining art deco courthouses in the state. If Robert Gray had […]

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