Benton County- Fowler (1874-)

An inept county government! Back-room, special-interest scheming! Second Empire masterpieces and  decapitated clock towers! Modern additions. We’ve talked about several of these topics over the past few weeks here, and they all dramatically combine to tell the story of the Benton County Courthouse.  This makes it, in my view, perhaps the most quintessential Indiana courthouse.

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White County- Monticello (1976-)

I tend to not be interested in justice centers, modern annexes, or any similar nonsense and my take on Indiana courthouses in general is to view them individually as part of a greater portfolio. 92% of counties in Indiana still feature at least one historic (pre-1937) courthouse, and I’m content to allow the modern White […]

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Delaware County- Muncie (1969-1992)

“…Neither functional nor beautiful, but the object of much frustration, hopelessness, and public expense.”1 “…A disgrace to the community.”2 “The symbol of county government is lagging behind the times.”3 “The realization of the need for a new courthouse has been evident to most of our community for some time”4

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