courthousery is going away soon

I intend to archive the contents of this website and add all of the trip reports to each courthouse I’ve been to -but not written about yet- at my own website, I’ve been working on migrating everything over in a blog format. Please follow it to find my work as it appears!

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An update, thank goodness!

Its been a while since I’ve written about a courthouse here- since July fifth, it turns out. Honestly, I thought it’d been a lot longer.There’s more to say on this blog despite it being idle, which is why I just renewed the domain. I’ve only written about twenty-four courthouses in Ohio, despite having traveled to […]

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Hiatus Update: Abandoned Marsh

Courthousery has been my main project for a big chunk of the past decade. That’s why this blog exists! Occasionally, though, I get stuck or bored and look for something else to bide my time in order to keep my bipolar disorder at bay. That’s what had happened when I started something called Abandoned Marsh […]

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